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Angry Birds dev Rovio acquires Futuremark Games Studio

Angry Birds dev Rovio acquires Futuremark Games Studio

Futuremark has sold its Futuremark Game Studios Arm to Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds. Futuremark’s keeping the Shattered Horizon, Hungribles and Unstoppable Gorg properties, though.

Alice O’Connor

March 27, 2012 5:30 AM5

In 2008, 3DMark maker Futuremark launched Futuremark Games Studio, a new wing focused on making games rather than benchmarks, which went on to release space FPS Shattered Horizon, mobile puzzler Hungribles, and tower defense Unstoppable Gorg. Now, it’s lopped that wing off and sold it to fellow Finnish company Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds.

The acquisition will see Futuremark Games Studio join Rovio, but Shattered Horizon, Gorg, and Hungribles will remain the property of the main Futuremark body. It could still make sequels to these, then, if it wants to and can find a third-party developer.

Rovio describes the acquisition as part of “its rapid expansion in entertainment, publishing, animation, and retail.” It’s keeping quiet on how much, or what, it paid for FGS, though.

“I would like to thank everyone who played one of our games and those of you in the press who helped bring our games to a wider audience,” Futuremark CEO Jukka Mäkinen said in a press release. “I am proud of the games we released and delighted that the potential of our talented games team has been recognised by our friends at Rovio. I am sure they will go on to make great games together.”

Mäkinen explained that Futuremark “will renew our focus on creating great benchmarks.” This year will bring a new 3DMark, offering cross-platform ratings, and a new version of PCMark.

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