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Beyond: Two Souls announced by Quantic Dream

Beyond: Two Souls announced by Quantic Dream

Quantic Dream debuted its new game at Sony’s E3 briefing today, titled Beyond: Two Souls. It stars Ellen Page as Jodie Holmes, a young girl with psychic powers and a mysterious past.

Steve Watts

June 4, 2012 6:26 PM3

Today at Sony’s E3 press briefing, the company introduced David Cage from Quantic Dream to debut his new game. It’s titled Beyond: Two Souls, and stars Ellen Page as lead character Jodie Holmes. As the title implies, it’s an exploration of spirituality and the afterlife, punctuated by action, explosions, and some eerily realistic looking faces running in real time.

The trailer doesn’t show much in the way of gameplay, but it gives a good sense of tone. Jodie is found by a small-town sheriff who tries to help her, but when he finds a scar she seems to make a glass fly across the room using her mind. Before long a SWAT team invades the precinct to the sheriff’s alarm, and the situation only gets crazier from there. We see Jodie single-handedly holding off the SWAT team, crashing helicopters, possessing officers, and so on.

Beyond is coming exclusively to PS3 in Q4 2012. With the legacy of Heavy Rain behind it, it’s certainly something to look out for.

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