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Bungie Day is set for July 7 and includes a fishing derby


Bungie Day is set for July 7 and includes a fishing derby

Bungie Day 2023 includes numerous activities and ways to give back for Destiny 2 players.

Bill Lavoy

Bill Lavoy

July 6, 2023 2:05 PMBungie1

Bungie Day is set to kick off this Friday, July 7, 2023. This year includes several ways for Destiny 2 players to give back and earn some rewards, including the Bungie Day Giving Festival, which runs from July 6 to July 23.

Bungie Day is an annual event that has largely centered around Destiny 2 in recent years. It typically includes spotlighting charities that players can support, often earning themselves in-game rewards for their generosity. This year is no different, but it should be noted that the Bungie Day Giving Festival runs from today until July 23, giving anyone who misses out on the festivities of July 7 another opportunity to participate.

Bungie Day will also include a fishing derby. Players can participate by playing the in-game fishing activity that will include five one-hour time slots. The top three scorers from each derby will receive a prize package.

Alpha Derby: 2 a.m. PDT to 3 a.m. PDTBravo Derby: 6 a.m. PDT to 7 a.m. PDTCharlie Derby: 10 a.m. PDT to 11 a.m. PDTDelta Derby: 2 p.m. PDT to 3 p.m. PDTEcho Derby: 6 p.m. PDT to 7 p.m. PDT

There’s a lot more to dig into related to Bungie Day and the Bungie Day Giving Festival. You can get full details on the charities being supported, the in-game items up for grabs, and everything else related by reading the Bungie Day blog post, and today’s This Week in Destiny post.

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