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Crota’s End loot table – Destiny 2


Crota’s End loot table – Destiny 2

A complete loot table showing every drop for each encounter in the Crota’s End raid in Destiny 2.

Sam Chandler

Sam Chandler

September 7, 2023 6:20 PMBungie1

Crota’s End is positively overflowing with loot. With gear dropping from each encounter, players should be able to complete the Badges and unlock all the weapon patterns in no time. Take a look at the Crota’s End loot table below so you know where you need to put your efforts when farming this raid.

Spawn the Crota chest for a guaranteed Deepsight Resonance raid weapon once per week!

Crota’s End loot table

While there aren’t as many encounters as some other raids (looking at you, King’s Fall), there’s still plenty of opportunities to unlock weapons and complete your armor set. Remember that while you have Necrochasm and its associated quest, you will need to get Essence of the Oversoul, which is needed for the Exotic catalyst.

Crota’s End loot table
Abyss Bridge Ir Yut Crota
Abyss Defiant (Auto Rifle) Fang of Ir Yut (Scout Rifle) Word of Crota (Hand Cannon) Word of Crota (Hand Cannon)
Fang of Ir Yut (Scout Rifle) Oversoul Edict (Pulse Rifle) Oversoul Edict Abyss Defiant (Auto Rifle)
Song of Ir Yut (Machine Gun) Swordbreaker (Shotgun) Song of Ir Yut (Machine Gun) Swordbreaker (Shotgun)
Head Arms Chest Necrochasm/Husk of the Pit
Arms Chest Legs Head
Chest Legs Class Item Legs
Class Item

Keep in mind that Necrochasm was a guaranteed drop for those who completed Crota’s End within the 48-hour time limit of Contest Mode. After that time, players will get the Bottomless Pit quest from Crota’s sword after defeating him. This quest sees players receiving Husk of the Pit, which is leveled up to Eidolon Ally, which is then turned into Necrochasm.

As you dive into Crota’s End, swing by this loot table to refresh your memory on what you can earn from each encounter. There’s also our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more guides about Crota’s End and other raids.

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