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Datura announced for PlayStation Move

Datura announced for PlayStation Move

The studio behind Linger in Shadows has announced a PlayStation Move game called Datura, to release on PSN later this year.

Steve Watts

March 6, 2012 5:15 PM2

We haven’t heard much from the PlayStation Move lately. As we ramp up for the next generation, the device’s support seems to have settled down to a dull, if not completely silent, roar. But development isn’t totally dead for the wand, as Plastic Studios has announced its upcoming project, Datura. The developer was behind Linger in Shadows, and its new game seems just as moody as the last.

The PlayStation Blog details how you’ll find yourself in a forest, and navigate by using the Move controller to represent your hand. You’ll be touching trees and faces using the wand-hand mechanic as you explore the world. The story attempts to communicate feelings of anxiety by forcing choices with consequences.

Datura is scheduled to hit as a PlayStation Network downloadable game later this year.

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