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How to swap weapons – Diablo 4


How to swap weapons – Diablo 4

Swapping Barbarian weapons in Diablo 4 is a smart move when you need every bonus you can get.

 Josh Broadwell

Josh Broadwell

June 29, 2023 6:00 PM1

How to swap weapons in Diablo 4 is only important if you’re playing the Barbarian class. Where the other four classes automatically change weapons just by equipping them, the Barbarian is rather more involved. You can get through most of the campaign without paying much mind to your chosen weapons, picking the right one for your top skills is essential in the endgame.

Barbarian weapons explained

The Barbarian has four weapon slots – a two-handed bludgeoning weapon, a two-handed slashing weapon, a main weapon, and an off-hand weapon. Some skills require specific weapons. For example, you can’t use Rend if you don’t have a slashing weapon, and some high-tier skills need a complete Arsenal weapon.

The Barbarian automatically switches weapons when using their skills, so you don’t even have to think about it. Some rare, legendary, and unique weapons offer certain benefits to the Barbarian’s skills, so even if the power level of a certain item is lower, it may be worth designating a specific weapon for a certain skill. For example, Ancient’s Oath adds a bonus effect to Steel Grasp, while the Hellhammer makes Upheaval hit harder.

Those are specific instances with unique weapons, but it’s worth considering how even ordinary rare and legendary weapons might benefit you. Some weapons with more general effects, such as increased critical hit chances, are a nice way to augment your build without investing skill points in specific buffs and can help in defeating tough bosses such as Lilith.

How to swap weapons in Diablo 4

Here’s how to designate your weapons for specific skills.

Open your skill assignment menu. You can do this by pressing “S” if you’re using a keyboardHover over the skill you want to pick a weapon forFollow the on-screen prompt to “cycle weapon”You’ll see the displayed weapon change. Stop it on the weapon you want to use

And that’s that. The Barbarian will automatically switch to your chosen weapon without you having to do anything, and you can change it to another weapon any time you’re not in combat. The Tempering Blows Aspect even grants you a Fortify buff when you swap weapons enough times.

Make sure you’re upgrading your potions and running dungeons to level up quickly and enhance your skills. And don’t forget to salvage any weapons you don’t need and use the materials to make your better gear stronger.

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