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‘Anti-Cheat Administrator’ sought for Battlefield 3

‘Anti-Cheat Administrator’ sought for Battlefield 3

Developer DICE is now looking for someone to hire into the role of an “Anti-Cheat Administrator” for Battlefield 3.

Jeff Mattas

January 30, 2012 11:30 AM15

Following recently-reported attacks on the anti-cheating service PunkBuster that resulted in innocent players being banned from Battlefield 3 multiplayer servers, developer DICE has posted a job listing for an “Anti-Cheat Administrator.”

The job listing–first noticed by Eurogamer–notes that the position requires someone who’s “internet-savvy,” and interested in helping keep DICE’s games free from cheaters.

“The administrator will compose an absolutely vital function to secure the online experience our games represent by actively be a part of the community and keep up to date with the current cheat exposure,” the official job-listing reads. “The administrator will also own the analytical work with our player behavior data to keep our leaderboards and game play filled with fair play.”

You can head on over and check out the job requirements yourself, if the position sounds interesting.

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