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E3 2012: Nintendo showcase wrapup

E3 2012: Nintendo showcase wrapup

Our wrap-up of Nintendo’s E3 press briefing, along with a few announcements that trailed out directly after the show.

Steve Watts

June 5, 2012 1:10 PM3

Nintendo has wrapped up its own E3 press briefing, rounding out the three with the final one before the show starts properly. Nintendo is spreading out its announcements this year, starting with a set of announcements like the Miiverse on Sunday, and extending into a developer roundtable tonight and a 3DS showcase tomorrow. But as the coming out party for the Wii U, with some 3DS sprinkled in for good measure, we’ve compiled a handy list of announcements that you might have missed.

Nintendo kicked off the show with our first look at Pikmin 3, as Shigeru Miyamoto showed off some of the control features using the tablet controller.

Stamping out one common criticism of the Wii U, the console will support two GamePads. Nintendo says that games that use two of the tablets are in development.

The console will also support YouTube and Amazon Video, in addition to Netflix and Hulu.

New Super Mario Bros U was announced, showing off new suits and Mario running in HD.

Moving into third-parties, Nintendo showcased Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Lego City Undercover, and Mass Effect 3 and Trine 2 for the system.

A new fitness game is on the way: Wii Fit U, which uses the GamePad for exercises or to serve as a remote screen so you can watch TV.

In a brief foray into the 3DS, the company showed off Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, and New Super Mario Bros 2.

Nintendo closed out its conference with NintendoLand, a theme park game showcasing various mini-games to highlight the strengths of the control mechanism. It’s promised for launch day.

Not mentioned at the conference, but rather on Nintendo’s press site immediately afterwards, was Project P-100 from Platinum, and Game & Wario from Nintendo.

Nintendo’s Japanese site revealed a 3-5 hour battery life for the GamePad, and it’s not much of a mystery why that was left out of the show.

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