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Elden Ring’s Free Colosseum Update brings 1v1 & team PVP battles this week


Elden Ring’s Free Colosseum Update brings 1v1 & team PVP battles this week

The mysterious doors of Elden Ring’s giant Colosseums are opening to invite players to do battle on its hallowed grounds in the free Update 1.08 this week.

TJ Denzer

TJ Denzer

December 6, 2022 7:25 AMImage via Bandai Namco1

With Elden Ring having launched earlier in 2022, many players have been waiting in anticipation for word of DLC for the game. FromSoftware is giving us what we crave, though it’s exploring an interesting corner of the map and opening up its mysteries first. The sealed Colosseums in the main game are finally opening to allow players into its vast battlefield. In Elden Ring’s first DLC of sorts, the Colosseum offers a new take on 1v1 and group PVP, and it’s a free Update 1.08 coming this week.

FromSoftware and Bandai Namco announced Elden Ring’s Free Colosseum Update in a new trailer launched on December 6, 2022. Coming on December 7 to all platforms, the Free Colosseum Update (which is Update 1.08) will open up the Colosseums found in Limgrave, Leyndell, and Caelid. Previously sealed with no sign of entry, players puzzled over how to get into these structures a lot during the early days of Elden Ring’s launch. It was eventually discovered that these structures could be tied to DLC, but there was no way of knowing when we’d see them utilized.

With the Colosseum doors opened, players will be able to engage in multiple manners of new PVP action. Whether you want to throw down in 1v1 duels, team battles, or free-for-all fracases, the Colosseum will be a new place to spill blood and seek glory in the game. Rewards and boons are sure to await the players that survive the fights.

Elden Ring has seen a pretty great year full of success on the back of its welcomed launch. Critics and players alike have loved the game, including us here in our Shacknews review, and it has led to sales of over 16.6 million copies as of August 2022.

With the launch of Elden Ring’s Update 1.08 and the Colosseum, we finally get our first taste of new Elden Ring content. As you hone your blades for new PVP battles, stay tuned Update 1.08’s patch notes and further Elden Ring news right here at Shacknews.

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