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FlatOut 3 developer making three 3DS games

FlatOut 3 developer making three 3DS games

Three new 3DS titles are in the works from Team6 Game Studios, the developer of FlatOut: Chaos and Destruction and a host of other primarily vehicle-driven PC and Wii titles.

Jeff Mattas

January 30, 2012 2:00 PM5

Team6 Game Studios–the indie developer behind a host of PC and Wii vehicle-based games, including FlatOut 3: Chaos and Destruction–has announced that it is working on three new games for the Nintendo 3DS. The developer had originally planned to release its first 3DS games–including a sequel to “Monstertrucks Mayhem Wii”–shortly after the 3DS launch, but those projects were tabled after the studio’s “3DS publisher lost confidence in the platform in an early stage.”

“Since we always believed in Nintendo doing the right thing, no matter what others were saying, we intended to release our first 3DS games only a few weeks after the official Nintendo 3DS launch,” said Team6 CEO Ronnie Nelis in today’s press release.

Team6 also notes that the shift back to 3DS development stemmed from earlier in the month, when the developer and its clients decided they wanted to try to harness the platform’s strong sales. Team6 will also continue to make titles for the Wii, as well.

Though no details about the three new 3DS projects have been confirmed yet, Nelis said he’s “confident we’ll establish even more good contacts with publishers to develop more and more 3DS games in the near future.”

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