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Foosball 2012 announced for PS3/Vita

Foosball 2012 announced for PS3/Vita

Grip Games has announced Foosball 2012, a PS3/Vita adaptation of the game with cross-platform play.

Steve Watts

March 22, 2012 12:30 PM1

We’ve had video games to imitate just about every sporting event that exists, but we haven’t had many that imitate table games that imitate sporting events. Take foosball, in which tiny wooden men flick around a ball towards a goal. It’s like soccer, except Americans actually play it. We’re finally getting a game adaptation, to catch the foosball craze that’s been sweeping the nation.

The game is Foosball 2012, as detailed on the PlayStation Blog. It’s coming from Grip Games, the studio behind the indie title The Impossible Game. It’s coming for PlayStation 3 and Vita, complete with cross-platform play. Plus, if you own both, it will sync your data so you can continue games on the go. The blog also promises that if you buy the PS3 version, you’ll be able to play on both for no extra charge — including any DLC you purchase.

It packs a World Tour single-player mode with AI opponents, local and online multiplayer, American and European-style tables, ball types and trick shots. On the PS3, you can use the Move to control your foosballers with twists of the wrist, just like a real table. On the Vita, it controls identically to the PS3 controller option.

The game is planned for the end of spring, but no further pricing or release details were disclosed. We just have to wonder if the name means they’re counting on making Foosball 2013, with all the important roster updates one would expect from an annualized sports title.

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