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How to get into Lenne’s Rise – Elden Ring


How to get into Lenne’s Rise – Elden Ring

Here’s how you can get into the Lenne’s Rise tower in Elden Ring.

Donovan Erskine

Donovan Erskine

March 31, 2022 11:20 AM1

Elden Ring’s vast open world includes some peculiar landmarks that require a bit of investigation in order to fully access. This includes Lenne’s Rise, a tower found in east Caelid. If you’re eager to get into Lenne’s Rise and discover the treasure inside, we’ve got the answers for you right here.

Lenne’s Rise puzzle solution – Elden Ring

The entrance to Lenne’s Rise is magically sealed, and unlike the other towers, there’s no clue shared as to how you can get in. If you look on the right side of the structure, you’ll notice a Spirit Spring, which can be used to leap high in the sky on horseback. Summon Torrent, go stand within the spring, and jump.

The tower itself is attached to a small castle-like structure. To get inside, you’ll need to land on this small balcony on the back of the building. You can also land on the rooftop and carefully drop down onto the balcony. From here, you can walk inside of Lenne’s Rise.

On the top floor of Lenne’s Rise, you’ll find a chest. Inside is a Memory Stone, a Key Item that increases your memory slots. This will come in handy if you’re a magic-user, or heavily feature spells and incantations in your build. There’s no need to equip the Memory Stone, it’s automatically active once it’s added to your inventory.

Once acquired, we recommend that you just fast-travel out of the tower or leap off the balcony that you entered from. There’s a strong enemy blocking the sealed entrance from the inside, and it’s likely not worth the trouble if you were just trying to grab the treasure.

That’s how you can get into Lenne’s Rise in Elden Ring. It’s just one of the magically sealed towers scattered around The Lands Between. There’s also Ordys’s Rise, which we can help you get into if you’re looking to pick up an additional Memory Stone. If you’re spending a lot of time in FromSoftware’s open-world RPG and could use some help along the way, consider checking out our Elden Ring strategy guide.

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