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How to solve the Rosymorn Monastery puzzle – Baldur’s Gate 3


How to solve the Rosymorn Monastery puzzle – Baldur’s Gate 3

There’s a stained glass window, some fancy weapons, and a gang of plastered kobolds in Rosymorn Monastery.

Lucas White

Lucas White

September 17, 2023 5:15 PM3

As you make your way through Act 1 in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll come across a building called the Rosymorn Monastery. If you pursue the Githyanki side quest you get early on, you’ll come right to it and have to enter anyway. Once you get in, such as climbing the Knotted Roots next to the fast travel stone, you’ll probably come across a room with a bunch of empty pedestals, a corresponding stained glass mural on the floor, and obvious signs of a puzzle. If you want to just breeze by or need a little help, here’s how to solve the monastery puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Ceremonial Warhammer

To find the Ceremonial Warhammer, start at the puzzle room and then back out and immediately look to the left or right (depending on the camera) to find a doorway of breakable boards. Smash ‘em and you’ll find a ladder made of Knotted Roots to climb. This will take you up to where you need to be, almost.

When you reach the roof of Rosymorn Monastery, look for the large mechanical device with Knotted Roots around the perimeter. You’ll encounter a pair of eagles here, and if you don’t have great animal skills you’ll have to fight them. The weapon is hanging out in the nest.

Ceremonial Mace

Next up is the Ceremonial Mace. There are a few different ways to get here; the broken windows to the left on the main entrance for example. But if you’re following this guide and grabbed the hammer first, head back down that first set of Knotted Roots you climbed up. In that little fountain area (or whatever that watery gimmick is), you can jump from one of the corners to the cliffs surrounding the building.

Simply follow the path from there (including another jump), and it’ll lead you right to the wine cellar. Naturally, it’s full of kobolds who got egregiously turnt up while you were busy dealing with goblins.

Many of them are sleeping, but you’ll probably still end up fighting most of ’em. One of the kobolds has the mace on their person, so you know what to do. You can also reach this location by entering the monastery via a smashed window near the main entrance. You’ll start in a supply room and then can fight through into the main area.

Ceremonial Battleaxe

The Ceremonial Battleaxe is being protected by a rather formidable robot. Head back to the puzzle room, however you feel like. I’m not your dad. This time, jump over the massive hole in the floor. You’ll almost immediately see a glowing doorway. It’s deceptively enchanted, which means you can just open it like a regular locked door.

Inside you’ll have to scrap with the Guardian of Faith. Picking up the axe on the floor is what starts the fight, so this part is nice and straightforward.

Ceremonial Longsword

That one was already in the puzzle room, silly!

Monastery puzzle solution

Now you just have to place the right weapons on the right pedestals. There are a couple hints on the stained glass piece on the floor and you can read the plagues to learn which pedestal belongs to which person. But here are the solutions if you need them:

Dawnmaster Vaseid: Ceremonial BattleaxeDawnmaster Welkinglory: Ceremonial LongswordDawnmaster Seed: Ceremonial BattleaxeDawnmaster Stockhold: Ceremonial Mace

Once you place all the weapons, the wall in the back of the room will open up, providing you with the Dawnmaster’s Crest, an item you need to access a special weapon later on.

Alternatively, if you have the right check bonuses and dice rolls, you can skip all the above and just brute force the secret opening and take the weapons for yourself. They’re pretty decent. I wonder, should this part have been at the top? Eh, it’s fine.

Check out our Baldur’s Gate 3 strategy guide page for more hints and help on this sprawling adventure.

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