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Best Alioth decks – Marvel Snap


Best Alioth decks – Marvel Snap

Here are some of our favorite Alioth decks to play in Marvel Snap.

Donovan Erskine

Donovan Erskine

September 12, 2023 8:50 AM1

Marvel Snap’s newest card release for the September 2023 season is Alioth, a 6-Cost card with an On Reveal effect that destroys cards played by the opponent at the same location on that turn. Perhaps not as powerful or dominant as some other recent releases, Alioth can still be quite serviceable if given the proper surrounding cast.

Alioth Ramp

SunspotNebulaDaredevilElectroWaveIron LadBlack PantherGamoraArnim ZolaAliothDoctor DoomOdin

This deck comes by way of Marvel Snap creator Jeff Hoogland. Alioth Ramp takes the classic ramp package and slots Alioth in. The idea here is to get Electro out as early as possible, enabling you to at the very least play two 6-Cost cards. In an ideal match, you can Black Panther into Arnim Zola into Odin, or Iron Lad into Alioth/Doctor Doom into Odin. Wave can also accelerate your plays in the games you don’t draw Electro.


SunspotNebulaDaredevilJeff the Baby Land SharkElectroWaveShang-ChiHobgoblinProfessor XAliothGalactusOrka

Galactus may have gotten a rework earlier this year, but it’s no secret that the card is still more than viable. With Alioth, Galactus gets another valuable tool in his oppressive kit. Once you successfully play him on turn 5 (thanks to Wave or Electro), you can simply drop Alioth on the final turn to nix whatever your opponent was going to play. Truly devastating. This deck is currently the most popular Alioth deck on

Alioth is a card that likely won’t make or break the decks it’s played in, but can be a fun piece when you draw it in the appropriate situations. The decks spotlighted here can make good use of its ability, but can still win handily without it. For more Marvel Snap content, stick with us here on Shacknews.

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