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Nintendo president calls fans ‘insatiable’

Nintendo president calls fans ‘insatiable’

Reggie Fils-Aime expressed some frustration with “insatiable” fans for being dissatisfied with the company’s showing at E3 this year.

Steve Watts

June 25, 2012 3:30 PM29

Nintendo fans, why do you have to be so hard to please all the time? Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime feels the company did quite a bit to sate fans this year, but they just keep demanding more. He says he “loves” this habit of the gaming community, but at the same time it “troubles [him] tremendously.”

“One of the things that, on one hand, I love and, on the other hand, that troubles me tremendously about not only our fanbase but about the gaming community at large is that, whenever you share information, the perspective is, ‘Thank you, but I want more.’ ‘Thank you, but give me more.’ I mean, it is insatiable,” Fils-Aime told Kotaku.

“And so for years this community has been asking, ‘Where’s Pikmin?’ ‘Where’s Pikmin?’ ‘Where’s Pikmin?’ We give them Pikmin. And then they say, ‘What else? For years, this community have said, ‘Damnit Reggie, when you launch, you better launch with a Mario game.’ So we launch with a Mario game, and they say, ‘So what’s more?’ I have heard people say, ‘You know, you’ve got these fantastic franchises, beyond what you’re doing in Smash Bros., isn’t there a way to leverage all these franchises?’ So we create Nintendo Land and they say, ‘Ho-hum, give me more.’ So it’s an interesting challenge.”

He does have a point that the fans have been vocal about Pikmin and launching with Mario, and the company did debut Pikmin 3 and New Super Mario Bros U at E3 this year. On the other hand, a lack of surprise may be to blame for the fans being hungry for more. We’ve known about Pikmin since last year, and Nintendo announced the presence of a Mario game in April. Nintendo Land was a surprise of sorts, but it was mostly a repackaging of the tech demos that debuted last year.

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