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Nintendo Switch has 117 million Annual Playing Users


Nintendo Switch has 117 million Annual Playing Users

A whole lot of players log on and play their Nintendo Switch consoles each year.

Sam Chandler

Sam Chandler

November 7, 2023 7:59 PMNintendo1

Nintendo Switch has increased its Annual Playing Users data this year, revealing that the number of users has hit 117 million. This figure is up from the previous year’s 108 million.

November 7, 2023, marked a big day for Nintendo as it dropped its policy briefing which offered insight into the company’s operations. This 64-page document included information on the number of annual playing users that log on and play their Nintendo Switch each year. According to Nintendo, the console-handheld hybrid has reached 117 million Annual Playing Users. Nintendo had this to say about the figures:

The policy briefing notes that the annual playing users figure only accounts for players that have connected their Nintendo Switch to the internet and given Nintendo consent to gather relevant statistics. Despite this, Nintendo Switch has seen 117 million annual playing users, up from the October 21 to September 22 figure of 108 million users. Back when the Nintendo Switch first launched in 2017, this figure was at 23 million. These figures are not to be confused with those of the online service. Nintendo revealed that Nintendo Switch Online now has 38 million subscribers.

It’s safe to say that the popularity of the Nintendo Switch, with its 132 million in lifetime console unit sales, has continued. With more users playing their Nintendo Switch each year, it will be interesting to see how Nintendo retains these users should the company decide to release a new console. Take a look at our NTDOY page for all of the announcements from this quarter’s reports.

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