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Nvidia shows off ‘A New Dawn’ DX11 tech demo

Nvidia shows off ‘A New Dawn’ DX11 tech demo

Square Enix’s real-time tech demo ‘Agni’s Philosophy’ wowed us yesterday, and Nvidia was also showing off some tech of its own. Come watch the ‘A New Dawn’ demo, dedicated to rendering one single realistic character.

Alice O’Connor

June 6, 2012 4:45 AM20

Games are all right, so it’s nice that there are lots of them at E3, but sometimes you want a cold, hard tech demo to ogle. Square Enix revealed its gorgeous Agni’s Philosophy demo yesterday, and graphics card manufacturer Nvidia also had something to show off. Its faery mascot Dawn returned in the ‘A New Dawn’ demo, showing off how realistic a real-time character we can run in real-time nowadays.

The new and improved Dawn boasts 40,000 DirectX 11-tessellated strands of hair with physics-simulated swaying, subsurface scattering, carefully-slicked skin oil maps, and other technical gubbins Nvidia explains. In short, modern-day GPUs can render a very pretty person in a pretty scene, as long as there’s nothing else going on.

A New Dawn will be released for you to run yourself later this month, though it’s made to showcase Nvidia’s new Kepler GPU so your PC will need to be packing at least twin GTX 670s.

Now, watch the faery perform her awfully dull burlesque act:

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