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Paradox Interactive announces three new games

Paradox Interactive announces three new games

Paradox Interactive revealed its three promised GDC games today: The Showdown Effect from Arrowhead, Dungeonland from Critical Studio, and RED Frontier from Zeal Studio.

Steve Watts

March 6, 2012 6:00 AM4

Publisher Paradox Interactive promised a bevy of announcements set for the Game Developers Conference, and they made good on it. The company announced a total of three PC games, one of which comes from Magicka studio Arrowhead.

The multiplayer combat game previously known as “Project JFK” from Arrowhead Studios now has an official title: The Showdown Effect. The game has nothing to do with the former president, sadly, but instead focuses on 2.5D deathmatches. Paradox promises an “infinite” amount of customization, letting you tweak characters, stages, game modes, and weapons till your little heart’s content.

The second game comes from Critical Studio, titled Dungeonland. It lets you pick from a Rogue, Warrior, or Mage in a dungeon-crawl that takes place entirely within a murderous fantasy theme park. In a twist, three players can be adventurers, while the fourth player takes the mantle of “Game Master” to unleash traps and monsters. It’s like the dungeon-crawlers you enjoy, but with that sadistic Dungeons & Dragons DM you promised to never interact with again.

Finally, RED Frontier, from Zeal Game Studio, is a take on the RTS genre. It allows you to choose a sci-fi hero and fight alongside your mechanized warriors on the battlefield.

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