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Shack Chat: Which actor should play Link in Nintendo’s live-action The Legend of Zelda movie?

After the success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, it should come as no surprise that Nintendo would be looking to expand more of its IPs into another form of media. And yet, we were all surprised and delighted that the next game-to-film adaptation would be a live action Legend of Zelda movie. That got us thinking about who we would like to see bring the character of Link to life on the silver screen.

Question: Which actor should play Link in Nintendo’s live action Legend of Zelda movie?

Finn Wolfhard – Ozzie Mejia, EXCUUUUUUUSE ME, Princess!

Not too long after Nintendo confirmed that The Legend of Zelda would be coming to the big screen, Sony (coincidental co-publisher of the Zelda movie) released the first teaser for Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. It’s quite good. If you’ve been watching Pop! Goes The Culture, you know our hosts’ feelings on the subject.

That got me thinking, Finn Wolfhard isn’t a terrible choice for this role with his boyish good looks and slightly effeminate charm. Plus, he’s somebody I would definitely prefer as a silent protagonist. I think this could work.

Jacob Tremblay – TJ Denzer, Senior News Editor

It’s hard for me to decide if Jacob Tremblay is big enough to be a household name because he’s been front and center in some amazing films, but he’s also played quite a few small parts. That said, he’s been pretty dang good in everything I know him from and has incredible range. He was Flounder in the new Little Mermaid and Luca in the film of the same name. He also played in films like Doctor Sleep and the new Toxic Avenger. He has the chops to run live-action, animated, and deliver well on his role, plus he’s on the borderline at around 17-years-old at the time of writing that makes me believe he’d make a good teen or young Link. I think he’s done more than his fair share to be considered for the part if he goes for it.

As an aside, Danny Devito as Tingle and Danny Pudi as Beedle please.

Austin Butler for Adult Link, an unknown young actor for Young Link – Asif Khan, Shacknews CEO/EIC/EIEIO

I honestly don’t know much about Austin Butler, but he has the right look for the role of Adult Link. Seems to be a popular dude these days, and he’s got the ability to grow out the right hair for a proper portrayal of Link.

Assuming that the Zelda movie will feature a story similar to Ocarina of Time, there would be a Young Link as well. I think it would be cool to give a lesser-known young actor the shot to portray the young Hero of Time. It would fit with the legend. Link is special because he was just some kid. Many questioned if he really was the hero that prophecies spoke to.

The Zelda movie is going to be an origin story, and probably the beginning of a multiple movie series, so pick a young actor, and he may end up being a huge star by the time Nintendo and Sony Pictures are done printing money.

Timothée Chalamet – Sam Chandler, Hero of Arrakis

Timothée Chalamet is perfect for the role of Link. He’s got elfin features. He’s already a hero of the people, destined for both greatness and ruin. He’s more than capable of playing a rather silent character that’s reliant upon facial expressions. Plus, he’s been trained by the great Duncan Idaho, Swordmaster of House Atreides, so he’ll be a natural at wielding the Master Sword. I think I’ve nailed this. I should be a casting director.

Walker Scobell – Donovan Erskine, Lucky Clover Gazette News Editor

Walker Scobell is one of Hollywood’s talented upcoming young actors. His list of credits is short (the kid is only 14) but was one of the bright spots of Netflix’s The Adam Project. He’s also set to play Percy Jackson in Disney+’s upcoming adaptation of the beloved YA novels. Scobell has the look and talent to bring Link to the silver screen in live-action. If Nintendo expects Zelda to be a series of films (they should), then going young is the right answer. Let Scobell grow into the roll and give us a definitive Link across many years of Zelda flicks!

Arnold Schwarzenegger- Steve Tyminski, Stevetendo show host, Get to the Triforce!

What actor should play Link in the live action Legend of Zelda movie? I’m taking things in a different direction and I think Link should be an older actor. Time traveling is a huge storyline in Zelda so why shouldn’t the events be several years in the future or have a huge time skip in them. That being said, I’m going with an odd choice for an aged Link, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He can be a leading role and he has been in a few movies where he has few lines. He also has a certain sense of humor that comes out more now that he’s in his older years. We also all know that he can yell and grunt, things Link does all the time. He could also play Dark Link since Dark Link is supposed to be stronger and almost unbeatable as compared to the real Link.

Those are the actors we could see filling the brown boots of Link in the live action Legend of Zelda film. Do you think our casting skills are on-point or do you have a better idea of who should play Nintendo’s usually silent protagonist?

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