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Shoot Many Robots coming to PC in April

Shoot Many Robots coming to PC in April

Demiurge Studios announced today that Shoot Many Robots is heading to Steam on April 6, and outlined some Valve-themed pre-order bonuses for the game.

Steve Watts

March 27, 2012 6:00 PM2

Shoot Many Robots, the game title that doubles as an incredibly brief instruction manual, will launch on PC through Steam in April. To mark the event, Demiurge Studios is offering a hefty bundle of Valve-themed bonuses for pre-orders.

The game will launch on April 6 for $9.99. It sports higher resolution and 60 FPS, PC-optimizd controls, and the usual Steam bits you expect like matching, achievements, and voice chat. If you pre-order through Steam, you get special gear to look like Gordon Freeman, the Portal turrets as replacements for some enemy robots, and a special “Chopper Bot” backpack for your Pyro and Medics in Team Fortress 2.

You might have also noticed that April 6 is the first day of PAX East in Boston, and Demiurge noticed that too. The team will be showing off the PC version at the show, and giving out item cards you can use to get more loot.

“We’re dedicated PC gamers here at Demiurge Studios, and we wanted to make sure and take the time to do the PC version right,” said CEO Albert Reed, in the announcement. “We rebuilt the controls for PC and overhauled the user interface so it won’t feel like you’ve turned your keyboard into a gamepad that makes clicky sounds – every detail has been considered to make this an optimized and seamless experience.”

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