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Space Giraffe dev releases iOS ‘Caverns of Minos’

Space Giraffe dev releases iOS ‘Caverns of Minos’

Jeff Minter’s Llamasoft has released a new iOS game, Caverns of Minos. It can be found now for $1.99 on the App Store.

Steve Watts

January 18, 2012 2:30 PM1

Llamasoft, the studio from industry veteran Jeff Minter, has released a new quirky iOS game, modeled after classic Atari titles. Caverns of Minos is a little bit rescue game, a little bit shoot-em-up, and a whole lot of crazy — which should probably be expected from the studio that brought us Space Giraffe.

The game (via Touch Arcade) costs $1.99, and it’s available now. It takes a page from the similarly-titled Caverns of Mars, and features 4 ships to pilot as you rescue minotaurs and search for an item needed by the mothership.

This isn’t Llamasoft’s first iOS game, or even the first focusing on minotaurs. The studio has also published Minotaur Rescue, Minotron: 2112, Deflex, and Goat Up for iOS devices. Check out a video of Caverns of Minos below.

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