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Steam Deck OLED announced, launches next week


Steam Deck OLED announced, launches next week

The Steam Deck OLED sports a stronger battery and faster downloads in addition to its fancy screen.

Donovan Erskine

Donovan Erskine

November 9, 2023 10:20 AMValve64

Valve launched the Steam Deck last year as PC gaming’s answer to the Switch. It’s seen success in allowing users to play games on the go that were previously restrained to a desktop or console. Now, the Steam maker is back with a new iteration of its handheld gaming device. The Steam Deck OLED is a new model of the device that packs a prettier screen, better battery, and faster downloads. It’ll be available starting next week.

The Steam Deck OLED was revealed in a post to the Steam Store this afternoon. The Steam Deck OLED will be available in two models: 512 GB ($549) and 1TB ($649). There is also a special edition version of the 1TB model that has a red and black colorway and a transparent shell, which is priced at $679.

Valve boasts that its HDR OLED screen is “designed from the ground up for gaming.” The company also shared that the Steam Deck OLED’s battery lasts 30-50% longer than the original model. It’ll be able to achieve faster download speeds thanks to the addition of Wifi 6E support.

With a new Steam Deck Model on the horizon, Valve is also cutting prices on the base model. Now referred to as the Steam Deck LCD, original models of the Steam Deck have received the following price points (effective immediately):

Steam Deck 64GB LCD: Now $349Steam Deck 256GB LCD: Now $399Steam Deck 512GB LCD: Now $449

The 64GB and 512GB models of the Steam Deck LCD are being phased out and will be available until they sell out.

The new Steam Deck OLED models will begin shipping next week on November 16, arriving just before the holidays. For the latest news on what Valve is cooking up in the hardware (and software) space, Shacknews has you covered.

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