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Wipeout 2048 dev working on free updates

Wipeout 2048 dev working on free updates

Wipeout 2048 lead designer Karl Jones talks about how the clock ran out on some features for the game, but the team is working to release them as free updates.

Steve Watts

February 27, 2012 3:15 PM3

Wipeout 2048 launched last week alongside the (second) launch of the PlayStation Vita. To fit in that prized window, though, some features were cut, and the team is now working to bring those into the game through updates, alongside its regular DLC plans.

“It’s just one of those things – you’ve got a list of so many thing you’ve got to do before a certain time and there’s a cut off point,” said lead designer Karl Jones.

Now that the game has shipped, most of the studio is moving on to the next project, while a “fairly substantial” is working dedicated to Wipeout. “DLC always comes across as paid for content,” Jones told Official PlayStation Magazine UK (via CVG). “We’re obviously not going to just do paid for stuff, we’re going to do free stuff too. That’s largely going to be things we didn’t get time to do. For example, the AR museum.”

He says the team is also looking into “things to enhance the toolset of the game,” like custom controls, an extension of multiplayer, and more Cross Play support. He calls it “just lots of smaller different things that’ll be coming out in patches.”

Jones also talked about how increased connectivity makes finishing features post-release possible, and he expects to see it become more common. “The beauty of it now is that it’s not always cut forever,” he said. “There’s DLC but there‚Äôs also free stuff you can patch in, stuff that’s 90% finished before launch that need that extra 10%, you can release that stuff for free. There’s always stuff that developers want to get in to the games that they don’t get time to do. The thing is now we can.”

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