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World of Darkness and more at EVE Fanfest 2012

World of Darkness and more at EVE Fanfest 2012

EVE Online developer CCP gave the first in-game-ish peek at World of Darkness at its annual Fanfest event over the weekend, also trickling out new details on the MMO. And, of course, there’s new information on EVE’s next expansion and Dust 514 too.

Alice O’Connor

March 27, 2012 6:15 AM1

EVE Online developer CCP gave the first in-game-ish peek at World of Darkness at its annual EVE Fanfest event in Iceland over the weekend, trickling out a few more details on the MMO adaptation of White Wolf’s vampiric RPG too. And, of course, there was bags of new information on EVE and its free-to-play PS3 FPS tie-in Dust 514.

Like EVE, World of Darkness will focus a lot on player-driven conflict, with players trying to control individual cities on its single server, Massively reports. One player can be elected Prince of each city, with the unique option to condemn others players to permadeath. One imagines that EVE-style politics will help keep Princes in check, should they get too big for their boots.

CCP’s hoping to tap into the large female fanbase WoD has, boasting “gorgeous fashion.” It has some ‘s ill-fated expansion Incarna was the testbed for swish character tech, so WoD’s vampires should be looking very pretty indeed.

We finally got our first in-game look of sorts at World of Darkness too, in a “graphics test” video flying around a work-in-progress environment, captured by Youtube user ‘Qskuggan’:

On the EVE front, CCP confirmed that its next free expansion ‘Inferno’ will launch on May 22, with a whole host of PvP-oriented improvements. It’ll revamp war declarations (wardecs), bring new tools to track wars and hire mercenaries, iterate upon faction warfare, and introduce new ship modules intended for PvP. Oh, and there’ll be pretty new launcher turrets graphics.

Beyond Inferno, CCP is looking at planning to introduce ring mining, where miners will scan for rich, rapidly-depleting veins in planterary rings. It also wants to rework manufacturing, including letting players design and build their own modular space stations, eventually ending up with all stations run by players rather than NPCs. CCP also polled fans for feedback on new visual bells and whistles such as DirectX 12 support, and ships shattering asteroids they hit.

CCP also hopes to return to the ‘walking in stations’ vision of Incarna. One idea mentioned is exploring abandoned outposts for loot, though, this being EVE, other players could be lurking, ready to kill you and grab your ship. Which sounds smashing.

Dust 514 was shown live, complete with (at 1:20) a demonstration of a player in EVE actually raining bombardment upon the battlefield in Dust from orbit–cross-game warfare. CCP revealed plans for a PvE survival mode, Massively reports, to launch some time in 2012. Plus, 2013 will bring mechs. It’s also gunning for the competitive gaming and ‘eSports’ market with gladiatorial arena combat in deathmatch, CTF and other modes, complete with in-game betting.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Fanfest without a cinematic trailer giving an idea of how CCP wants to present and expand the EVE universe in the future, both in EVE and Dust:

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