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Shacknews Best Racing Game of 2023 – F-Zero 99

F-Zero 99 was shadow dropped during the September 14 Nintendo Direct and the game continues to receive updates. It flawlessly adapts the classic SNES racing game to the battle royale formula creating a brand new way for racing game fans to play. On a platform dominated by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, F-Zero 99 is a breath of fresh air to players who yearned for a Nintendo racing game that was dripping with unfair rubberbanding and weapons-based gameplay. After nearly two decades of waiting, F-Zero fans are finally back on ther winner’s podium.

F-Zero 99 stood above the rest of racing games released in 2023 by surprising, delighting, and reinvigorating a dormant fanbase and delivering an excellent online gaming experience for a whole new generation of players. The game is also tough as nails, creating one of the finest video game challenges of the year. F-Zero 99 is a true race of the 21st century with excellent online play and a thoughtlully designed player progression system.

Congratulations to the F-Zero 99 dev team on winning another Shacknews Award!

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