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Alan Wake coming to PC February 16

Alan Wake coming to PC February 16

Remedy Entertainment has announced that Alan Wake will hit PC via Steam on February 16, followed by other digital distributors shortly afterwards.

Steve Watts

February 3, 2012 12:00 PM4Alan Wake is heading to PC starting on February 16, Remedy Entertainment has announced. The game will hit Steam first on February 16, and then come to other channels (like Origin) soon afterward. Boxed retail versions will be coming soon as well.The price on Steam (and presumably other digital retailers) will be $29.99 for the game and its associated downloadable content, and $34.99 for the Limited Collector’s Edition. The PC version promises support higher resolutions and a variety of aspect ratios, a multithreaded engine, field of adjustment view, a “hide HUD” option, stereoscopic 3D, and multiscreen support. “We’ve done our best to do justice to the PC version and do things the way they should be done for PC,” said Remedy CTO Markus Maki in the announcement. “The PC version looks absolutely beautiful. We’re bringing the game to life in a whole new way. We’re very proud of what we’ve done so far with Wake – but for gamers who’ve always wanted the ‘every setting maxed out’ experience, the modern PC hardware takes Alan Wake to new heights.”

See more PC screenshots of Alan Wake

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