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Amazing Spider-Man supports Move on PS3

Amazing Spider-Man supports Move on PS3

The Amazing Spider-Man on PlayStation 3 will support the Move controller, though exact details on the functionality have yet to be disclosed.

Steve Watts

March 26, 2012 8:00 AM1

Spider-Man is one of our more kinetic superheroes, usually felling foes with a mixture of quick wit and acrobatic moves. So for The Amazing Spider-Man, based on the upcoming movie of the same name, it only makes sense that the game will incorporate the PlayStation 3’s motion controller, the Move.

iWaggle3D (via Push Square) noticed a piece of box art promising Move support. Jonathon Grendon, PR manager at Beenox, then confirmed the Move support. The box doesn’t, however, explain just how the Move will be used. The game is planned for Wii as well, so it could be as simple as giving players a similar control option.

No word yet on Kinect compatibility, but here’s hoping the game lets you surface-cling by tracking your movement as you fling yourself face-first towards your living room wall.

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