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Baldur’s Gate 3 release date moves up to early August on PC, delayed on PS5


Baldur’s Gate 3 release date moves up to early August on PC, delayed on PS5

Larian Studios also feels confident an Xbox Series X/S version of the game, but will focus now on releasing the game ‘in order of platform readiness.’

TJ Denzer

TJ Denzer

June 29, 2023 9:50 AMImage via Larian Studios2

Larian Studios’ Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to be one of the most anticipated games of 2023, and there’s good news for PC players today, although not so much for other platforms. Larian has announced plans for its release schedule of the game, focusing on PC and moving its release date on PC platforms from the end of August up to the front of it. Unfortunately, PS5’s release date is getting pushed back and Xbox Series X/S doesn’t even have one yet, though Larian confirmed it will happen.

Larian Studios detailed the release date plans for Baldur’s Gate 3 in a Steam Developer Blog post on June 29, 2023. Previously, the game was coming to PC and PS5 on August 31, 2023. However, as of this update, polishing the PC version is being prioritized and it will now launch on August 3. With PC being the priority, the PS5 will be delayed from its original release date by about a week, now planned for launch on September 6. Xbox Series X/S has no release date, but Larian is working on it, and so it’s focusing on releasing the games “in order of platform readiness.”

This will likely come as a delight to PC players, but even the PS5 delay isn’t too terribly long or disappointing. Baldur’s Gate 3 has been in development for several years, having officially been announced in September 2019. Fans were happy to hear that the studio that handled the impeccable Divinity: Original Sin 2 was taking up the reins of this beloved cRPG franchise and Larian has been using fan feedback to improve the game in early access over these last few years.

Now, the release date for Baldur’s Gate 3 is nearly here, even if consoles have to wait a bit longer. Stay tuned as we get closer to the official release and await news on an Xbox Series X/S version of the game.

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