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Blizzard mod ‘StarCraft Master’ coming soon

Blizzard mod ‘StarCraft Master’ coming soon

StarCraft Master, a new official single player StarCraft 2 mod by developer Blizzard, will be available soon.

Jeff Mattas

March 2, 2012 7:15 PM2Blizzard has announced that a new official StarCraft 2 mod is bound for the Featured section of the Custom Game interface sometime in the next few days. Called StarCraft Master, the single-player mod is aimed at folks who want put their RTS skills to the test, or polish them to razer-sharpness. Blizzard describes the challenges present in the mod as “fiendish,” and claims they “will demand your utmost concentration to prevail.”According to yesterday’s official blog post, StarCraft Master will feature “30 different challenges that will tax your knowledge and your ability to control your forces.” The scenarios are meant to simulate real battle scenarios, and playing them will reportedly “help you hone your unit micro-management skills.”The few noted examples of the types of challenges on-tap in StarCraft Master require players to do things like achieve victory against a superior opposing force, “kite” a specific enemy, or minimize damage to friendly units while maximizing their abilities. Given the specificity of some of the challenges (and perhaps due to how tough they can be) Blizzard has elected to include a couple of options that should help folks from getting (or staying) stuck on a particular level.

Warp to the challenge you prefer, and skip around if you get stuck.

First and foremost, the challenges in StarCraft Master can be played in any order, and players can warp to challenges they’d most like to tackle next (see above). That said, if a player needs a hint about how best to approach a specific level, hitting F12 will do the trick. (see below)

Need a hint? Just hit F12.

StarCraft Master should go live “in the next few days.”

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