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Call of Duty Elite ‘Clan Operations’ coming soon

Call of Duty Elite ‘Clan Operations’ coming soon

Beachhead Studio teased the upcoming Call of Duty Elite ‘Clan Operations’, showing off features and promising that the release date is drawing closer.

Steve Watts

February 7, 2012 10:30 AM1

Beachhead Studio is getting closer to releasing Clan Operations for Call of Duty Elite. The handy Clan organization feature will add competitions with experience and prizes on the line, to give more incentive for using and leveling up with your fellow clan members. It’s ultimately aimed at making it easier for Elite users to level up their clans in Modern Warfare 3.

Beachhead previewed the upcoming feature, showing off how to enlist and look up Operation details. The Operations menu will include leaderboards, a Showcase if you earned badges and a Performance section. Plus, you can browse prizes like an Elite skateboard.

The studio hesitates to give a date for the feature set, but says it’s going through extensive testing right now and Operations are getting “closer every day.” Elite has been a success so far, so it makes sense for Activision to continue supporting new features as it moves into use for future Call of Duty iterations.

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