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Cataclysmic god roll – Destiny 2


Cataclysmic god roll – Destiny 2

A Cataclysmic god roll for PVE is one of the best Linear Fusion Rifles for boss damage in Destiny 2.

Sam Chandler

Sam Chandler

November 10, 2023 1:00 AM2

Cataclysmic is one of the most powerful Linear Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2 thanks to its unique collection of perks. By unlocking enough patterns, players can craft a god roll Cataclysmic that is able to dish out a ton of damage each damage phase while still ensuring decent ammo economy. For those that want a Linear Fusion Rifle for PVP, Cataclysmic has something to offer.

How to get Cataclysmic

Cataclysmic is a Solar, 533RPM, Precision Frame, Linear Fusion Rifle that is only available from the Vow of the Disciple raid. You can farm for the weapon when it is the featured raid but keep in mind it only drops from the first and second encounters. Refer to our Vow of the Disciple loot table for more information on the other gear.

PVE – Cataclysmic god roll

There’s no denying that a Cataclysmic god roll for PVE is one of the best boss damage weapons in the game. When used effectively, you can dish out a huge amount of damage in a short duration while still maintaining a high level of reserve ammo. The trick will be maximising the perk effects.

Cataclysmic god roll – PVE
Barrel Fluted Barrel (+5 Stability, +15 Handling)
Battery Enhanced Battery (+1 Magazine)
Perk 1 Fourth Time’s the Charm (Rapidly landing precision hits will return two rounds to the magazine)
Perk 2 Bait and Switch (Deal damage with all equipped weapons within a short time to give this weapon a damage boost)
Origin Trait Souldrinker (Gain health based on the number of hits before reloading)
Masterwork Charge Time
Mod Boss Spec

The first thing you need to slap on your Cataclysmic god roll is Fluted Barrel and Enhanced Battery. Fluted Barrel will help with Handling, which is essential if you’re going to eke out the best damage-per-second. It makes it faster to switch to this Power weapon and quicker to aim. Enhanced Battery will put one more round in the Magazine, which significantly bumps up the damage output.

For the two perks, Fourth Time’s the Charm and Bait and Switch are the two heroes. With the first perk, landing four precision hits returns two rounds to the magazine. Landing all precision hits will let you dish out 10 shots before reloading, provided you have Enhanced Battery.

But the real power comes from Bait and Switch. Land a hit with every single equipped weapon and you will increase the damage by 35 percent for 10 seconds. This means nine rounds will be dealing significantly more damage. Couple this with Solar Surge mods, Well of Radiance, and a debuff, and you’ll be chunking a boss’ health.

Round this all off with Charge Time (important for short damage phases) and Boss Spec for another slight bump in damage output.

PVP – Cataclysmic god roll

The last thing you want when using a Linear Fusion Rifle like Cataclysmic in PVP is for it to have a sluggish Charge Time. You also want any extra damage wherever possible to cover you in the event you miss a precision hit. This god roll looks to help both elements.

Cataclysmic god roll – PVP
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (+30 Recoil Direction, +10 Handling)
Battery Accelerated Coils (Faster charge time, -3 Impact)
Perk 1 Dragonfly (Precision kills create an elemental damage explosion)
Perk 2 High-Impact Reserves (Rounds at the end of the magazine deal more damage)
Origin Trait Souldrinker (Gain health based on the number of hits before reloading)
Masterwork Charge Time
Mod Quick Access Sling

Arrowhead Brake and Accelerated Coils are the Barrel and Battery options you want on your Cataclysmic PVP god roll. The first will straighten the recoil bounce completely and make it quicker to aim. Meanwhile, Accelerated Coils will speed up the Charge Time stat, which is absolutely essential in a PVP environment.

Unfortunately, other than No Distractions (which can leave you vulnerable), the best perk for PVP is going to be Dragonfly. Sure, you can hard-scope a lane, but if you’re getting hit while ADSing with a Linear Fusion Rifle and you need to reduce flinch, there’s a good chance you’re going to die anyway. Dragonfly ensures that a precision kill has the chance to kill any nearby enemies as well.

The next perk should be High-Impact Reserves given you are unlikely to have a full magazine of ammo anyway. This will help boost the damage output, which could be the difference between getting a kill and having an enemy walk away in the event you miss the precision hit.Round this all off with a Charge Time Masterwork and Quick Access Sling. You want to be able to aim, fire, and move on with minimal fuss.

While a Cataclysmic god roll is more likely needed for PVE, it can be a viable option for Crucible players. However, there are no doubt more meta-friendly weapons out there. Consider reading over our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for other weapons you might like to use.

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