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Chrono Bind registration is for Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC [Update]

Chrono Bind registration is for Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC [Update]

Square Enix has registered a domains for and, related to the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC and not the fan-favorite classic series.

Steve Watts

February 27, 2012 7:30 AM35

Update: Kotaku reports that Chrono Bind is actually the name of a casino game in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC. It seems likely that Square Enix is merely registering a dedicated domain for its casino game. Shacknews apologizes for the error.

Original Story: Fans have been clamoring for another sequel to the beloved classic Chrono Trigger for years. It’s been over a decade since Chrono Cross arrived on PS1. Isn’t it time for a follow-up? Square Enix has now registered a domain what could be the next franchise entry, titled “Chrono Bind.”

Not much is known about the registry besides its mere existence. Siliconera reports that the company registered and domain on Friday.

Square Enix has a history of registrations before official game announcements, as in the case of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Because Chrono Bind is not a numbered sequel, the domain can’t be shrugged off as protection against domain squatters.

If Chrono Bind does come to fruition, it’s hard to tell which direction Square Enix will go. Chrono Trigger was a light-hearted time-traveling romp, while Chrono Cross took a darker direction and explored alternate universes created by time travel. For what it’s worth, Square recognizes the fan community built around Chrono Trigger, having released the game for DS, Virtual Console, PSN, and iOS last year.

It is remote possibility, of course, that Square is just starting a new series with no relation to Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross whatsoever. But teasing us like this would just be cruel.

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