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Chronovolt announced for PS Vita

Chronovolt announced for PS Vita

Developer Playerthree has announced its first PlayStation Vita title, a 3D puzzle-platformer called Chronovolt.

Jeff Mattas

February 13, 2012 2:45 PM1

Thirty levels of 3D puzzle platforming are headed to the PlayStation Vita by way of a new title called Chronovolt by developer Playerthree. In it, players must dexterously roll a marble through each of the game’s “Escher-like arenas” while avoiding traps and pitfalls, but will also have access to a time-manipulation mechanic controlled by both the Vita’s front and rear touch screens.

Chronovolt will also include asynchronous multiplayer and leaderboards.

“We started to work on Chronovolt with early development kits,” said Playerthree’s Luigi Fumero in the press release. “The more we learned about the platform the more ambitious the project became. The team has grown accordingly and we are extremely happy with the final result.”

Chronovolt is planned for a Q2 2012 release, and the developer promises that more information about the game’s storyline and levels, as well as a debut trailer, are coming soon.

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