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Darksiders 2 coming in June

Darksiders 2 coming in June

Darksiders 2 is coming in June for PC, PS3, and 360, THQ has confirmed.

Steve Watts

February 3, 2012 9:30 AM10

Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say. If you were upset by the news of a Metro: Last Light delay from a THQ earnings report, take heart. The same report also confirmed Darksiders 2 will be coming in June.

The report also confirms that June will see the release for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The briefly teased Wii U version, of course, won’t come out until the system does.

This game puts you in the shoes of War’s brother, Death. Our recent preview noted the navigation is faster and the settings more colorful this time around, but the action hasn’t been altered much. Check out the preview for more details.

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