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Dota 2 beta patch reveals microtransactions

Dota 2 beta patch reveals microtransactions

The latest patch for Dota 2 gives a closer look of what we can expect from the game’s microtransactions.

Steve Watts

March 22, 2012 10:30 AM16

We’ve seen some indication of microtransactions in Dota 2 since the launch of the beta, and it only makes sense for the genre. But with the latest patch, we’re getting a closer look at just what’s on the microtransaction docket.

A Dota 2 player going by Cyborgmatt (and reported by PC Gamer) dug through the recent files to find announcers, taunts, couriers, and cosmetic hero items. New couriers include a sheep, war yack, and giant badger, among others. The just-for-show hero items range from masks and beards to weapons and armor.

The most interesting bit might come from the “Souls,” which can be equipped for special benefits like better drop rates or removing a player from the low priority punishment queue. This all makes it seem very much like the Team Fortress 2 model, with cosmetic items for sale.

Dota 2’s beta is still ongoing, but release plans haven’t been set yet. Project lead Erik Johnson recently commented that the company is “still working on” a business model for the game. And being Valve and all, any of these items are subject to change before release.

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