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Double Fine adventure nearing Grim Fandango budget

Double Fine adventure nearing Grim Fandango budget

Tim Schafer has revealed that the current funding for Double Fine’s Kickstarter adventure is nearing the levels used to make Grim Fandango.

Steve Watts

March 12, 2012 9:45 AM2

Double Fine’s Kickstarter adventure funding soon will be coming to a close after a month of steady support pledges. Its budget has been slowly ticking upwards, and as we approach the finish line, studio head Tim Schafer has put the current budget figure in terms everyone can understand. It currently stands at $2.8 million, and Schafer says that’s almost the amount that went into Grim Fandango.

Schafer tweeted that it took $3 million to make the cheeky Dia de Muertos epic Grim Fandango. That was in 1998 money, so inflation would probably make it a bit higher, but it’s still a sign of how far the unnamed adventure title has come from the initial goal of $400,000. Schafer also tweeted that the team may do a livestream countdown as the Kickstarter draws to a close. It wraps up at 5 PM PDT tomorrow.

The exact figure on Kickstarter as of the time of writing is $2,825,018 — more than seven times the initial goal. Double Fine recently revealed special t-shirts for adventure backers.

The company has previously announced that the funding will help it come to more platforms than originally planned (now PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android). It will also support English voice acting with full subtitles for French, Italian, German, and Spanish languages.

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