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Dozmare Hunt Guide – Final Fantasy 16


Dozmare Hunt Guide – Final Fantasy 16

It’s time to go poultry hunting with Clive and the homies.

Lucas White

Lucas White

July 5, 2023 3:33 PM1

An early side quest that opens up around the same time you’re introduced to hunts in Final Fantasy 16, Blacksmith’s Blues, is a big deal. For one, it opens up a line of side quests that open up some of the most powerful equipment in the game. Two, you’re also introduced to some of the more finicky aspects of hunting the game’s nastier marks. This quest has you searching for a Griffin, and it can be a pain to find. That’s where we come in.

How to find Dozmare

Sometimes, the hunt board will give you the name of a creature, and be helpfully specific about its stomping grounds. Other times the directions are more vague. In the worst cases, you don’t get to know an exact location, the monster’s name, or even a picture of the darn thing. Dozmare doesn’t hit all three boxes, but the game is a little unclear about where to find it.

Your only hint is that the monster was spotted “along the trail from Lostwing to Caer Norvent.” Depending on how far you are in the game or how thorough of a map-filler you are, you might have no idea where to look. From Lostwing you need to head south, and you’ll come to a spot called Cutter’s Gate. Head through the gate and follow the path all the way down to its end, which takes you past the entirety of The Norvent. Once you reach the Caer Norvent River Gate, you will be ambushed by a very large bird.

There’s not a whole lot to fighting Dozmare. You only have so many options available at this point in Final Fantasy 16, so just do your best to not get hit and bonk the feathered foe with your sword until you win. Hooray!

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