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EA trademarks ‘Full Contact Bingo’

EA trademarks ‘Full Contact Bingo’

EA has registered two trademarks for “Full Contact Bingo,” covering a downloadable, online game available on computers and wireless devices.

Steve Watts

March 12, 2012 8:00 AM2

Social game makers have been locked in a bitter struggle to make hit video game adaptations of the games you played on the last day of school. Scrabble, Hangman, Poker (if you lived in a rough area). The social games sector still has room to mine, and EA seems to be chasing down a game beloved by kids and senior citizens. Bingo is its name-o.

Fusible (via Kotaku) reports that EA has filed two trademarks (85560267, 85560275) for “Full Contact Bingo.” The first covers “entertainment services” related to an “on-line computer game,” while the second covers “downloadable computer game software via a global computer network and wireless devices.”

It all shapes up to sound an awful lot like a Facebook or mobile game, but no announcement has been made yet. The “Full Contact” part will surely serve as the wacky window dressing to disguise the fact that EA will make loads of money off a game that is played at your local fire hall every Tuesday.

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