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Unreal ‘Samaritan’ demo requires ten times Xbox 360’s processing power

Unreal ‘Samaritan’ demo requires ten times Xbox 360’s processing power

Epic founder Tim Sweeney talks about the power requirements to handle the Unreal Engine 3 “Samaritan” demo, shedding new light on the increased requirements for UE4.

Steve Watts

February 13, 2012 9:00 AM21

Epic Games vice president Mark Rein recently teased that the company will show off Unreal Engine 4 sometime this year. Whether or not the next generation consoles will even be powerful enough to take full advantage of it, though, is another story entirely.

Speaking at DICE (via Kotaku), Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney said that the impressive “Samaritan” demo would require 2.5 teraFLOPs, while the current Xbox 360 can only handle .25. So to handle that in real-time, the next iteration of the Xbox would have to be ten times as powerful as the current generation. That’s for a particularly impressive “Unreal 3” demo; the computational power needed for Unreal Engine 4 could vary.

Rumors have placed the next Xbox at six times the 360’s processing power, short of the ten-fold increase required for Samaritan. Given Epic’s intent on making sure UE4 ready on day one of the next generation, something will have to change. Epic did push Microsoft into raising RAM on the Xbox 360, and has been vocal about memory for the next generation, so the company has proven it can sway hardware decisions.

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