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How to get Essence of the Oversoul – Destiny 2


How to get Essence of the Oversoul – Destiny 2

Farming up Essence of the Oversoul is needed to unlock Necrochasm as well as its Exotic catalyst in Destiny 2.

Sam Chandler

Sam Chandler

September 10, 2023 7:59 PMBungie1

Essence of the Oversoul is a new material in Destiny 2 needed to complete the Bottomless Pit quest and unlock Necrochasm’s Exotic catalyst. As such, players will need to farm Essence of the Oversoul, and that’s no easy feat given its rarity.

How to farm Essence of the Oversoul

Once per week, per account, Essence of the Oversoul is guaranteed to drop when completing Crota’s End. However, there is also a small chance it can drop from each encounter. One farming method is to simply grind Ir Yut or Crota repeatedly, though this will take some time given it is extremely rare. There’s no benefit to farming on alt characters, you’d only do this if you want another class’ armor.

You can also get Essence of the Oversoul from 10 Crota’s End Triumphs in the Swordbearer Title:

Perfected Truth: Complete all encounters in the Crota’s End raid without dying and without leaving the activity.In Union: Complete all encounters in Crota’s End with a full fireteam of the same class.Conservation of Energy: Complete the Abyss challenge.Feather-Light: Complete the Abyss encounter in the Stills without letting any player reach 10 stacks of Weight of Darkness.Precarious Balance: Complete the Bridge challenge.Threatening Reach: Defeat all Swordbearers in the Oversoul Throne Bridge encounter from the opposite side of the chasm.Equal Vessels: Complete the Ir Yut challenge.Communal Rites: During each round of the Ir Yut encounter, at least player must expunge Ir Yut.All For One: Complete the Crota challenge.Singular Sensation: Complete the Crota encounter with only one player Enlightened at a time.Broken Throne: Complete the Master tier of Crota’s End

So to begin with, try and knock out as many of the Challenges and Triumphs as possible. This will help you get through the Bottomless Pit quest and position you in a good spot to get the Exotic catalyst done quickly. The most difficult one will be Perfected Truth, but it is more lucrative than farming an encounter.

Follow this up by ensuring you complete Crota’s End at least once per week. This is guaranteed to get you at least one drop of the material. When all of this is done, you’re only other option is to farm the raid. One Reddit user posted their data from completing the Exotic catalyst on the Destiny 2 subreddit. It involved 12 full clears, 40 Ir Yut defeats, and 10 Crota defeats after acquiring a few of the Triumphs.

Getting Essence of the Oversoul is going to take a lot of patience. If you’re not up for completing the Triumphs, you’ll need to rely on the weekly reset clear and luck from grinding. However, once you get it done, you’ll have the Necrochasm Exotic catalyst and won’t need to think about Essence of the Oversoul again. Check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more insights into other farming methods, schedule information, and everything else the game has to offer.

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