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EverQuest II ‘Skyshrine’ update coming in April

EverQuest II ‘Skyshrine’ update coming in April

EverQuest II is adding a “Skyshrine” update on April 17, which continues the Destiny of Velious expansion with a raised level cap and more quests.

Steve Watts

March 14, 2012 9:30 AM1

EverQuest II is one of the oldest RPGs still running. Even as a newly free-to-play title, Sony Online Entertainment is aiming to keep players invested with new content updates. One will come in the form of the Skyshrine update on April 17.

The Skyshrine update continues the Destiny of Velious story, so it requires the expansion for its perks. The level cap will raise to 92, and the “Withered Lands” zone will bring 100 quests spanning solo, small group, and raid content. You can take on the instances as Challenge group modes or solo them, and earn new prestige class talents. Plus, it will add a Drake mount and new tradeskill quests.

If you have the Age of Discovery expansion, you’ll also get access to a Poet’s Palace Dungeon Maker theme and items, more Dungeon Maker adventures, tradeskill apprentices with recipes, an Elite mercenary, and new warders.

Like many MMOs lately, EverQuest saw a significant boost from going F2P. It’s in Sony’s best interest to keep that large player count invested with new things to do, so we’ll likely see the steady stream of content updates continuing.

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