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EVO 2022 results, winners, VODs & replays


EVO 2022 results, winners, VODs & replays

We’re keeping track of the big winners at EVO 2022. Check out who won and rewatch some of the big moments from the weekend.

Ozzie Mejia

Ozzie Mejia

August 7, 2022 11:20 AMShacknews1

EVO 2022 returned to Las Vegas this year, bringing back the biggest offline fighting game tournament in the world. Thousands of players from around the world gathered together to play their respective games and the result was some exciting competition. If you’re looking for an updated list of winners, check out the list below!

UPDATE (August 8, 2022 @ 12:46 a.m. PT): All results have been posted.

Guilty Gear -Strive-

1. UMISHO2. Slash3. Leffen (William Hjelte)4. Hotashi (Julian Harris)5. (tie) PepperySplash (Justin Campbell), Daru_I-No7. (tie) Bean, TempestNYC (Matthew Tulloch)

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

1. Kawano2. iDom (Derek Ruffin)3. gachikun4. Tokido (Hajime Taniguchi)5. (tie) Oil King (Li-Wei Lin), Daigo “The Beast” Umehara7. (tie) Mister Crimson (Nathan Massol), Justakid (David Edwards)

Tekken 7

1. Knee (Jae Min Bae)2. Khan (Imran Khan)3. Arslan Ash4. JeonDDing (Sang-Hyeon Jeon)5. (tie) Super Akouma (Vincent Homan), Meo-IL7. (tie) PINYA, Rangchu (Hyun Ho Jung)

The King of Fighters 15

1. ZJZ (Chia-Chen Tseng)2. E.T. (ChiaHung Lin)3. XioaHeyTW (Chen Sui Yang)4. Lacid (Myung Gu Kang Lacid)5. (tie) SCORE (Akihito Sawata), PAKO (Ruben Partida)7. (tie) Shinwa Promotion/mok, Seis mx (Julio Gomez)

Dragon Ball FighterZ

1. Wawa (Marwan Berthe)2. Nitro (Shamar Hinds)3. Yasha (Yonis A.)4. Kayne (Mohamed Sobti5. (tie) LegendaryyPred (Eric Bonilla), Fenritti7. (tie) Zane, Shanks (Joan N.)


1. NAKAT/VoiD2. RoseJ/mirrorman3. Synume/Leviathan4. T1FF4NY/Stahly5. (tie) Rexehh/Cosolix, U/Oopstier7. (tie) Zage/Courage, 2eZ/Blaizzy

Granblue Fantasy: Versus

1. gamera2. とろろ3. tako. (Masaharu Fuji)4. Ren5. (tie) 神木C, Dragoi7. (tie) Shinku (Oscar Jaimes), ZomBmu (Jeff. P)

Melty Blood: Type Lumina

1. Jing2. Masoma3. Kiri4. ScrawtVermillion (Jose Ballestero)5. (tie) uncle_akkey, ul7. (tie) Safe, Lunar

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

1. Scorpionprocs (Matias Martinez)2. Rewind3. Nicolas (Nicolas Martinez)4. A F0xy Grampa (Denom Jones)5. (tie) SonicFox (Dominique McLean), Han Rashid (Eihaan Rashid)7. (tie) KingGambler (Joey Cortez), KillerXinok (Bruno Henrique G.)

Skullgirls: 2nd Encore

1. SonicFox (Dominique McLean)2. dekillsage (Jon Coello)3. penpen4. Cloud (Daniel Normandia)5. (tie) LazyBakeOven (Josue Nunez), WingZero (Jeremiah Beaty)7. (tie) Stuff, Dudeguy M.B.

You can watch the full VOD collection, including matches from the first two days of the big event, over on the EVO YouTube channel.

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