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Galacticare is like if Futurama were a hospital sim


Galacticare is like if Futurama were a hospital sim

Galacticare creative director Josh Bishop gave us a tease of the zaniness that occurs when you have to help all sorts of cosmic beings recover from their maladies.

TJ Denzer

TJ Denzer

July 6, 2023 4:10 PM3

If you’re an alien with an injury or sickness, then Galacticare just might be the spot to go asap. Brightrock Games is assembling a sandbox hospital management sim set in the depths of space where you’ll take over as director and aim to take care of the health issues of a wide variety of galactic creatures and beings. You’ll also have to deal with the wacky physiology and unique solutions those races call for in their medical care.

We got to talk with Galacticare creative director Josh Bishop about how this game is coming together. The team has done management sims before and knew they wanted to stay in that space for Galacticare, but they wanted to do something well out of the ordinary. Eventually, they decided they wanted their next game to be a sci-fi game because the idea of taking hospital management into space sounded fun. It also broadened the horizons because the team could create any number of creatures and any number of maladies the player would encounter as they aim to treat all comers and keep patients alive.

One of the more interesting parts of Galcticare is that because it’s not set on Earth with normal illnesses and injuries, the team could come up with any number of ideas and problems with all sorts of creative solutions for them. You might have to treat flesh-eating bacteria on one creature, or have to melt ice in the brain of another. The game also leans heavily into comedy and keeping the feel and tone lighthearted despite being a hospital sim. You can learn more about Galacticare on its Steam Page.

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