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How to get the Ken Block tribute car – Cyberpunk 2077


How to get the Ken Block tribute car – Cyberpunk 2077

Learn where to find a special Quadra Type-66 in Cyberpunk 2077 and add it to your list of rides for free.

Larryn Bell

Larryn Bell

September 26, 2023 1:00 AMCD Projekt RED2

Alongside vehicle combat, Update 2.0 introduced an assortment of weaponized vehicles to Cyberpunk 2077, including a few that players can call their own. Although buying a vehicle is easier than ever, you may not have the cash to spend on a new ride, especially since the ones with firepower tend to be quite expensive. Luckily, you don’t have to spend any Eddies to obtain a vehicle with built-in weapons, thanks to a newly added quest that serves as a tribute to the late rally driver, Ken Block.

Where to find the Ken Block car

The vehicle in question is the Type-66 “Hoon,” a custom Quadra Type-66 that has been made to resemble Block’s own Hoonicorn Ford Mustang. The car is fast, has a pair of guns on the front, and is a great way to get started with weaponized vehicles without breaking the bank. Follow these steps to find the Hoon:

Travel to the northeast part of Northside, Watson. Closest fast travel terminal is Longshore North.Head north of the fast travel terminal and find a set of warehouses off the main road.Enter the warehouse to begin the “I’m in Love With My Car” side job.Search the warehouse for the keys to the car.Get in the vehicle and drive away in your new ride.

To find the Ken Block car, start by making your way to the northeast end of the Watson district. Longshore North is the closest fast travel terminal. Head north from the terminal and make your way to the point marked on the map above.

When you turn off from the main road, look for a set of warehouses that have yellow staircases around the outside. Enter the second warehouse in, the one furthest away from the road. About halfway into the warehouse, you’ll find the Type-66 Hoon. Approaching the car causes the mission “I’m in Love With My Car,” to kick into gear, and Johnny Silverhand will call you over to the vehicle. It’s locked, so you will need to find the keys first before you can get in.

Circle around to the back side of the car and search the nearby heap of trash for a box containing the car keys and some other items. Take the car keys and hop in the Hoon.

Once you get in the car, the quest will end and the Type-66 Hoon will be added to your vehicle collection. It’s lighting fast and has good handling, making it a decent choice if you still have races to complete with Claire. Head over to our Cyberpunk guide for more gameplay tips following Update 2.0.

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