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Indie Fund backs The Swapper

Indie Fund backs The Swapper

Indie Fund has announced that it will help fund development of The Swapper, an upcoming puzzle-platformer by developer Facepalm Games.

Jeff Mattas

March 1, 2012 3:30 PM1

The funding source for independently developed video games, known as Indie Fund, has announced the next title it will will be supporting: a puzzle-platformer by Facepalm Games called The Swapper. The three-man team at Facepalm has already generated quite a bit of positive buzz about the game, which has garnered awards at the IndieCade, Develop Conference, Freeplay, and GameConnection festivals.

As noted in the official announcement by Indie Fund, some of the game has literally been crafted by hand.

Shacknews writer Ozzie Mejia got some hands-on impressions of the game during IndieCade 2011, noting that the puzzles he “tried out were heavily based on timing and presented an intense challenge.” At the time, level designer Otto Hantula noted that other release platforms were still being decided, but that the game would have a PC version upon release. That said, the developer’s website currently lists the game’s platforms and release date as “TBA.”

In the meantime, feel free to check out the 2011 work-in-progress trailer below, to see some early footage of The Swapper in action.

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