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iPhone 15 Pro’s new 3 nanometer A17 Pro chip GPU supports ray tracing


iPhone 15 Pro’s new 3 nanometer A17 Pro chip GPU supports ray tracing

Apple’s newest A17 Pro chip will have a substantial effect on mobile gaming.

Ozzie Mejia

Ozzie Mejia

September 12, 2023 11:21 AMApple1

Tuesday’s Apple Event continued with the future of Apple’s A-series mobile processors. The A17 Pro, the newest Apple Silicon chip, promises to be Apple’s most advanced processor to date. Not only will it offer faster processing on the iPhone 15 Pro, but it will also open the door to major PC gaming features like hardware-accelerated ray tracing.

Tuesday’s Apple Special Event offered a brief glimpse of the iPhone 15 Pro’s ray tracing capabilities. Powered by a six-core GPU, Apple’s A17 Pro chip gives the iPhone 15 Pro the power to deliver real-time ray tracing at 30 FPS. This will allow Apple to bring major AAA titles like Resident Evil 4 and a mobile-exclusive version of Tom Clancy’s The Division to their iPhone line and bring its visuals on par with current-generation consoles.

The A17 Pro uses a 3 nanometer process with 19 billion transistors to help boost overall performance. The Neural Engine will now process 35 trillion operations per second. Meanwhile, the switch to USB-C connections will allow for use of USB-3 controllers, which will run faster than the USB-2 speed peripherals supported by Lightning connections.

We’ll have more on the A17 Pro chip and its effects on mobile gaming shortly. Keep it on Shacknews for the latest updates.

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