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Jetpack Joyride more profitable since going free-to-play

Jetpack Joyride more profitable since going free-to-play

Indie developer Halfbrick has revealed that its iOS hit, Jetpack Joyride, has been downloaded 14 million times, and is more profitable since going free-to-play.

Jeff Mattas

February 8, 2012 1:30 PM1

Some new news from indie developer Halfbrick has been revealed at DICE 2012 today, regarding both Fruit Ninja Kinect and the breakaway mobile hit Jetpack Joyride. Fruit Ninja Kinect has achieved half a million sales on Xbox 360, according to the developer, and Jetpack Joyride has been downloaded 14 million times–thirteen million of which occurred after the game went “free-to-play” in mid-December.

Halfbrick’s Chief Marketing Officer Phil Larsen shared the information with Joystiq during the summit today, and confirmed a few other tidbits. He noted that the iOS version of Fruit Ninja will continue to receive free updates, rather than a sequel, and that a free update is coming to Jetpack Joyride “next month.”

“It’s the biggest one we’ve done so far,” Larson teased.

Most curious, however, is that although Jetpack Joyride gathered about one million paid downloads (for $1 each) after it was released, the revenue generated by the game has actually been higher since it went “free-to-play.” Since mid-December, when Jetpack Joyride became free-to-play, the game has been downloaded an additional 13 million times. Larsen explains that the increase in revenue performance is because despite the lack of an up-front charge, roughly five to ten percent of users are spending at least a dollar through the game’s in-app store.

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