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Madden NFL 12 predicts Giants for Super Bowl win

Madden NFL 12 predicts Giants for Super Bowl win

Madden NFL 12 predicts the New York Giants will squeak out a victory over the New England Patriots with a late-game field goal.

Steve Watts

January 30, 2012 10:30 AM5

The Super Bowl kickoff lies less than a week away, and EA Sports has fulfilled its annual tradition of predicting the winner through an in-game simulation with Madden NFL 12. The outcome resulted in the New York Giants defeating the New England Patriots 27-24 in Super Bowl XLVI.

The simulation ended in suitably dramatic fashion, with Lawrence Tynes kicking a tense, last-minute 40-yard field goal for the win. Giants quarterback Eli Manning was named the sim-game’s MVP with 25 of 39 completed passes, two touchdowns, and an interception. Tom Brady threw for three touchdowns and one interception.

Before you call your bookies, though, you should know that the Madden series has a good track record for predicting wins, but not so much when it comes to details like the points-spread or particular plays. Six of the last eight Super Bowls have been accurately called by the yearly Madden simulation, but it’s never gotten the score precisely correct. The last time the Giants took on the Patriots in the 2008 Super Bowl, EA predicted a high-scoring game with the Patriots victorious, but the actual game was low-scoring and the Giants took home the title.

You can check out a highlight reel of the simulated Super Bowl below.

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