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Mass Effect 3 team to provide ‘clarity’ and ‘closure,’ details in April

Mass Effect 3 team to provide ‘clarity’ and ‘closure,’ details in April

BioWare co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka promises that the Mass Effect 3 team is paying attention to feedback, and planning “a number of game content initiatives to help answer the questions” left by the ending.

Steve Watts

March 21, 2012 9:30 AM32

Even if you’ve tried to avoid spoilers, you’ve probably heard by now that fans are a bit miffed at the ending of Mass Effect 3. The trilogy’s conclusion has inspired a level of fervent outrage and activism that real problems like poverty and world hunger could only dream of. BioWare co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka wants you to know that they have heard your pleas, and they are working on something to ease your worries. But, what? Spoilers follow, obviously.

The ending results in a color-coded choice and the crew of the Normandy stranded on a jungle planet, presumably to repopulate it with whatever happens when you cross-breed every sentient species. Responses have ranged from “it was alright” to “BioWare must burn.” A statement from Muzyka promises that the studio is looking at content that will preserve its vision for the ending, but provide more closure for fans.

“Exec Producer Casey Hudson and the team are hard at work on a number of game content initiatives that will help answer the questions, providing more clarity for those seeking further closure to their journey,” he wrote. “You’ll hear more on this in April. We’re working hard to maintain the right balance between the artistic integrity of the original story while addressing the fan feedback we’ve received. This is in addition to our existing plan to continue providing new Mass Effect content and new full games, so rest assured that your journey in the Mass Effect universe can, and will, continue.” We can expect more details in April.

The revelation isn’t entirely new, since BioWare has teased post-ending DLC before. To venture a wild guess, it sounds like Shepard’s somewhat contentious choice will remain untouched, but we’ll get more detail on what happened to your beloved crew mates. We imagine it will be just like Robinson Crusoe, except with more Asari and sexy robots.

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