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Minecraft studio shows off Legos

Minecraft studio shows off Legos

Mojang Specifications is in Copenhagen to show off the upcoming Minecraft sets at LEGOworld, and has posted the first images and video on its blog.

Steve Watts

February 16, 2012 12:00 PM2

The circle is nearly complete. The team behind the Lego-inspired game Minecraft is getting ready to release Minecraft-themed Legos. Not since Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game has a product doubled back on itself so perfectly. The Mojang Specifications crew is in Copenhagen today, showing off the sets at LEGOworld.

Mojang teased the first few photos and a video of the sets on its blog. Notably Markus “Notch” Persson shows off a landscape with some trees and rocks underneath, and the sets even include Mr. Minecraft and Creeper minifigs.

The sets were only officially approved last month by the Lego Review committee, which is apparently an actual thing. The concepts from Mojang must have been pretty far along to show off already. Check out the video below to see a first look at the official Minecraft Legos.

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